Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Terrifying Snow Monkeys

"Were there monkeys? Some terrifying Snow Monkeys?" *

OK, it doesn't work quite as well as the original, but it still makes me smile.

Spent all day keeping a multi billion dollar fab running from the warmth of my home, wearing my purple flowered PJs ** and sherpa slippers and sipping cocoa. Does it get any better than this?

I think it does, cause as soon as I cut free from the server I ran down to make some cards using my new Changito Monkey stamps. Now, I'm not the one you'd ever peg as "cutsey". Don't like little apple cheeked dolls with no mouths and button eyes. Shudder. But these guys... dang, they make me laugh!

So, here's the card! ***


Then, inside:

It's raining here now, but should be snowing again tomorrow.
Happy snow to all of you!

* All you Firefly fans out there will just have to forgive me. I couldn't help myself!
** Sadly I don't have sexy footsies like Nancy. Nor her cute bod to go with them! ;)
*** Yes, I know, I bought a nice softbox. But I was too lazy to put it up, so you get to see my cluttered craft table in the background.


5xblsd said...

Your not a true crafter if you don't have a messy craft table in the background. I promise.

The Churches said...

Changito is funny-cute; that's way different than cutesy-cute. Awesome cards, btw.

The Bui's said...

How awsome are you. Those card are adorable. By the way. I may just have to make you some footsies next year.

Heather said...

w00t! :D

Femin Susan said...

How awesome! Thanks for sharing!
Wishing you in advance "A Merry X'Mas and A Happy New Year''