Saturday, December 13, 2008

Odd and Ends

This weekend has been really odd. I'm all wired up about something, but I can't figure out what it is. I hate that feeling. It makes me wander around the house, cleaning and fixing anything I can get my hands on, just to try to make it stop. So, if you don't mind, I'll wrap up some loose ends here and maybe that will help.

Pirates of the Great Salt Lake

The "Pirates of the Great Salt Lake" movie turned out to be - well, not quite a dud, but certainly nothing I'd ever watch again. To be honest, I found the premise disturbing. Oh, I laughed at it in the trailers, but to actually watch the story unfold - creepy. Not to mention the killings. Didn't expect that one at all!

So... blah.
If you want to watch it I suggest getting it from Netflix instead of paying $5 to Blockbuster like I did. Bad move on my part.

I really wish a good movie would come out sometime. Too much too wish for? I hope not. :(

The Tree

The tree has been up for a few days but we couldn't figure out what do put on the top.

For the past several years we've used our little "Bumbles" doll from the claymation Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer cartoon. Remember how he puts the star on top of the tree? We'll he does that for us. However that didn't seem to be a big enough star this year.

Usually we have two trees: an elegant one with crystal icicles or golden angels or burgundy fruit - the Festival of Trees type tree - and a more rustic tree with wooden cranberry bead garlands and German straw ornaments or nutcrackers. It's this second tree the hosts Bumbles.

This year, because we have TOO much furniture in our living room, we went with just one tree (directly in front of the fireplace *sigh*). It's a more elegant tree so Bumbles didn't get the top billing. We couldn't stand to hurt his feelings, so he's still there (that's him, the cute white furry guy, climbing this year's tree) but we reserved the top for a truly magnificent star. Except that we couldn't find one!

We have six boxes of Christmas ornaments and can you believe we couldn't find one good tree topper? Finally we settled on a nice scroll carved and whitewashed wooden star and we're finally done. Ta Da!!

I think I'll have to ask my mother to quilt a fireplace cover showing logs aglow. Then I won't feel guilty about not using the fireplace.


Cards, cards, cards. It's December 13th and I've only managed to send cards out to my family. I don't think I'll ever get all of these cards made. Might have to cut my losses, send out store bought cards and start right now to make next years cards instead.

Here is a shot of one of the two styles I've been making. I thought the stained glass look turned out well, but I'm using my oncamera flash (grrrr! I hate those things!) so you can't tell.

(That's the one thing I have on my Christmas list - a nice flash - but it's the one thing I know I won't get. :( I'd be happy with an old, used 420EX! Ah well. I'll start saving up for it.)

In the meantime I bought a little softbox so hopefully my shots will look a bit more professional from now on.

hmmm....what else?
Ward Christmas Party

We were late. My fault, I've been felling punky and napped most of the afternoon, so I wasn't ready. We were only 30 minutes late (ok, maybe 40) but the program was already over! Who ever heard of a Mormon program of any kind, especially one with musical numbers, ending on time? hehe
Hats off to Naomi for being an amazing director.

I'm just sorry I missed it all. I was looking forward to the carols and seeing the baby Jesus. Worse yet, I wandered around afterward, saying Hi to people and looking at the nativity scenes, but I couldn't congratulate anyone on their performances, because I hadn't seen them and didn't know who did what! :(

Well, that's it. Rambled enough. Hopefully this will have cleared out the cobwebs in my brain and I can settle down and enjoy the snow tomorrow.

We ARE having snow tomorrow.
I command it.


The Bui's said...

So sad! you did miss an awsome program. I mean I was in it so it was of course exemplary ( tee hee )

You keep calling for the snow on your side, and I'll be yelling for it over here. Together we will pull those flakes from the sky.

runningfan said...

I've got snow! Come and get it!

Heather said...

Nancy, you and I need to put our minds together on some other subjects, since we've succeeded so well on the snow! How about a Disneyland vacation for our next attempt? hehe

Thanks Heidi! I'd kill for some good Colorado snow. This stuff is pretty but soooo heavy. Slushball fights, here we come!

Latisha said...

You card turned out wonderful.

Heather said...

Thank you, Latisha!
That means a lot to me. You're one of my Card Heroines. (hmm... that sounded better in my head...)
I love your blog. It's so much fun!