Saturday, December 27, 2008

On hold

Christmas hasn't arrived at our home yet.

Presents are still under the tree.
Carols are unsung.
Roast is uncarved.
Heck, it's unroasted!

Mom works at the hospital and since she and Dad no longer have children at home she always takes all the holiday shifts and lets the others be at home with their families. That means they won't be here until January 4th, so Christmas and New Years will have to wait until they arrive.

This happens annually, you'd think I'd be used to it. But it still feels odd. Dad says that this is a good thing - we can buy our Christmas presents at the After Christmas sales and still be in time!

I try to tell people that we celebrate Orthodox Christmas, but no one gets it.

In keeping with my still-to-be-celebrated Christmas spirit, go here for some free music! (Don't worry, it's totally legit. It's through
A Capella Christmas

The poor dogs finally got a full walk today. Before this they were having such a hard time getting through the snow and ice. The little guys would high center! (And most of our neighbors didn't bother to shovel their walks. grrrr...)
But with the blast of warm air we made it all the way around the block without their little paws freezing to the pavement. Yay!

While we were walking I saw a number of beautiful things - snow melting in strange shapes, thin layers of ice over leaves, weirdly melted tracks in the snow - but I knew I couldn't wait for the morning because it will have melted overnight. (Heck, it's 8:30 and it's still 48 degrees outside!)

As soon as we got home I grabbed the camera and ran back to where I'd seen all the good stuff. About 80 shots later I got home, so proud of myself for getting what I wanted before the light faded - and then found out that I didn't have a memory card in the camera!!

Much beating of head on wall ensued.

Well, not for long. I was determined to get SOMETHING, so I jammed the CF card in and got a few shots in my own yard. Ah well - sometimes you just have to take pictures with your mind and enjoy them that way.

In the meantime, here are a few for those of you not living through the big thaw.


Aleathea :o) said...

I love your wallpaper. It is beautiful. Yes, I am grateful for your pictures. I am missing Oregon. It is going to really take me a while to get used to warm weather at Christmastime...especially when Oregon is having snow and I am sitting in 70 degree weather. oh well.... Please give your folks big hugs for us. I miss our movie & dinner party. We know all about celebrating things on days other than the 'right' one. Actually, my kids love it that way because it always meant that they got two holidays or two birthdays or whatever it was. But on the flipside, you really learn about the true meaning of things.