Saturday, December 20, 2008

Missed Opportunities

Do you ever feel that you have a huge list of things you wish you'd done? My list is now large enough to be bound so I can begin work on Volume Two.

When they forecast snow last week I immediately began setting up my photo sites. I found some nice burgundy roses still in bloom, and a good spray of dark orange rosehips, a bush with bird berries, a stand of cedars - all the things I knew I'd want to capture in the snow. The only thing I was missing was a good holly tree. There used to be one right across the street from us, but it was cut down this summer (booo!!) and so now I'm holly-less. Ah well, at least I had some other good subjects.

Then the snow hit, and dang it, I had NO desire to go outside. Too cold and wet and slubbery (I know that's a word somewhere.) So I missed all those pictures. *sobs* It was my choice, but you know what happens to those who hesitate. Yup, they are photo-less.

I did get out to take a few shots the next day when the sun came back. I love the sun on the snow, and even more, I love the shadows!

While driving to work Thursday the snow was falling in huge clumps of fluffy flakes with a little dusting of glitter stuff in between, and oh joy! the sun was out at the same time! The whole sky was sparkling! I almost cried - the snow settling on the stickery dried thorn blossom skeletons with the sun turning everything crisp and sparkly - it was the prefect picture. Sadly, my campus is camera restricted (all the top secret mojo we do) so I had nothing with me except my dunderheaded cell phone which takes awful pictures.

Sadness set in.

On Friday I was headed out to Cedar Hills and I happened to go by one of those stone and metallic ball fountains at a business center. Someone had forgotten to turn the water off and it was frozen in wonderful icy sheets! Still - no camera with me.

So, this morning, I looked out at the sifting snow, listened to the dearth of people on the road and said, "WHAT THE HECK! I'm not going to let this be another of those 'I wish I had' moments!"

I had a wonderful time poking around. Took about 80 shots and the only thing that could have made it better would have been some nice golden sunlight to throw everything into contrast and make those delicious shadows.

Tonight I had to drag out the tripod and try for some Christmas light shots. Most of our ground lights are already buried and are shining through. So much fun! I didn't wish for a white Christmas, but I was given the present anyway!

I hope you are warm and cozy, where ever you are, and enjoying the view out your window.


The Bui's said...

So pretty Heather. i saw that same fountain I think. The kids thought it looked like something out of the nightmare before christmas.