Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oh Christmas tree

Five years ago, if you'd told me that I'd own a fake tree, and like it, I would not have laughed in your face. I would have simply hauled off and slugged you. =) Fake trees are so NOT a part of my family's traditions. The smell of the fresh tree, the softness of the spruce needles, the sticky sap all over your fingers - I love it all!

However, I do not love re-cutting the bottom of the trunk over and over until it stands up straight, and I always forget to water the thing, and it makes me terribly sad (and not a little frightened) when the needles fall out. So, eventually I went to the dark side, and now I love my fake tree!

One new tradition that we've had to come up with is "fluffing". Yes, we all say it. The tree comes out of the box and immediately we're commanding each other to "fluff that side!".

Tonight we fluffed!
And lighted!
And ribboned!
And decked!

Now the inside of the house is nearly as festive as the outside, and I'm sooo much more calm. Seems I'm always on tenterhooks until the tree is up.

One of my problems is that I'm not really good at decorating the tree. I love the process - rediscovering favorite ornaments, munching on popcorn that I'm supposed to be stringing for garland, remembering past holidays. But arriving at the finished product can be a bit of a mystery to me.

I don't like gaudy trees, so I tend to be a bit spartan with the ornaments and sometimes it looks rather stark. I've tried all kinds of things to become a better decorator. I've even written algorithms to help me understand how many ornaments to use for different sized trees and placement schemes... not exactly artistic endeavors.

Ah well - the nice thing about a Christmas tree is that you almost can't do it wrong. (Thank heavens!!)

Here are a few fun things we like to do on the web this time of year.
The first is my old favorite - Make-A-Flake Snowflake Creator (Originally sponsored by an underwear company. Can't remember which one. Hanes?)

And this is a new and improved Snowflake program which we just ran across. It gives immediate gratification! See the results as you cut! :D

Elf Yourself (by OfficeMax) is always a hoot, especially since the whole family can get in on the act. Last year they even had a Scrooge Yourself. I'll have to look for that one again.

Macy's has some fun things this year, including turning yourself into Santa with their Be Claus program.


The Hadley Family said...

Oh how I wish you could have had our "fake tree" before you bought one. It's a 7.5' tree and very pretty when it's all done but I swear it took me about 6 1/2 hours to put it together this year. Everyone smartly dissapears when it's tree time. :) I keep threatening Garth we are going REAL again next year!!!! Glad you like yours.

Heather said...

EEP! That's a bit much work, thank you. Let me guess - each bough is set in separately? We had one like that for a couple years. (I'm pretty sure it's still lurking in the garage.)
The one I have now has three sections and all the boughs are hinged. Plop down one section and the boughs all fall into place. Section two.. the top.. done. 10 minutes flat.
It's decadent I tell you.

Sounds like you need to go Christmas tree shopping. :) I suggest Craft Warehouse when they hit 70% off!