Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My Beautiful Wickedness!!

Melting... Melting...
The thermometer reads 38 and everything is melting at an incredible rate!
Hurry up Christmas, or there won't be any white left!!

We got out this morning and shoveled the drive and the sidewalk before the snow turned to slush, and we're nicely sore now, inside and watching the snow drip off the trees.

There are 40 foot pines just above the dining room (aka The Computer Room - we never entertain) and every time one of the boughs drops its load of snow on the roof it sounds like we're in an aerial bombardment! It's driving the dogs nuts, but we're enjoying it (even if we do duck once and a while).

Ah - while we're at it - everyone else gets to post cute snow baby pictures. We'll here are our snow babies. (Totally spoiled of course.) They were able to walk on the ice layer for most of the time, but every once and a while they'd break through. They didn't like that too much. Mallory would stick his head in the resulting hole and sniff around to make sure it wasn't the work of evil prairie dogs.

Action Shot!!

I have no real desire to scrape the foot of snow off the top of my car and go driving. There are insane people out there! And we've got a two years supply of food and fuel here! haha! I laugh at the crowds and the slush!

(Yes, you can tell how old I am. When I as growing up it was a two years supply. Now it's down to something silly like six weeks.)

My sister just threw a bunch of meatballs and some yummy grape jelly in the crockpot. We've been told this is great to snack on, and we'll be doing the melted brie with apricots and walnuts later on - just because it was too luscious not to repeat.

We were planning on attending the candle light midnight service at the little Scottish Church out in Hillsboro, but instead I think we'll just turn out the lights, light a bunch of our own candles and read the Christmas story by the tree.

Merry Christmas to all of you!
May you be as warm and happy as we are.


Aleathea :o) said...

The pictures are great. Thank you for your comments. I really miss you both. It was fun to read about your happenings. We have some really fun 'snacks' during the holidays. Those meatballs are just one of them. I love the melted brie but no one else does, so I usually only get it when I am at someone else's party. Lynn's favorites are tuna ball with wheat thins; fruit with my special dip; the 7-layer Mexican dip and my German chocolate brownies. New Year's Day I usually have all of that, plus a lot more, because all I want to do is watch football. If you want to eat...the food is on the breakfast bar. How soon can you get here? Big Hugs :o)

Zuzu's Blog said...

what a nice post to read.. You enjoy your Christmas when it comes.. it makes you lucky as you have it all to look forward to and we are mostly in the aftermath of clearing up and moaning about weight gain lol..

Love the dog in the snow! what a cutie!