Sunday, December 7, 2008


Last night the sky caught fire near my house. What an awesome sight!

I've always said that if I built my dream house, the first thing I'd do when evaluating the property would be to insure there was year round access to sunsets. I love them.

Here's what I was able to capture last night (it looks even better at full size).

Sorry about the phone lines and poles. I yelled at them to move but they were too busy watching the sky to listen to me.

I think, when I get to Heaven, I'll apply for a job with the Sunset Department. This whole Ministering Angel thing has to have SOME benefits, doesn't it?

If Sunsets are full up, I'm definitely applying for the Lava Group.
Yup. That would be fun. I understand there will be a good number of other virgins to hang around with.


(Heheh... Holly never reads my posts, so I can get away with saying things like that! Don't tell her!)


Naomi said...

yes it was an amazing sunset! Glad to see a pic since there were too many things blocking our view. I'm with you I love sunsets and have a billion pics of them.

Kari said...

Nice! I love that you're already networking for employment in Heaven.