Tuesday, January 6, 2009

When it rains, it pours

Sunday night the lights on the north side of the house gave three big jolts and my parents ran upstairs to see if I'd electrocuted myself. (I hadn't. Hadn't even been using anything powered at the time.)

We checked out the fuse box and the garage, and though we could smell something pungent it wasn't a normal "hot" electrical smell, and it went away fairly quickly. However, we couldn't' get the starter on the furnace to work.

"Great," I thought, "Just what I need - to replace the furnace."

After resetting the circuit breakers and the thermostat the starter kicked in and the furnace ran and so we figured we'd dodged the bullet.

Monday morning my mom tried to take a shower and the hot water cut off half way through. Yup - it wasn't the furnace freaking out, it was the water heater.

So, tomorrow is our Christmas (January 7th, Russian Orthodox Christmas) and we'll be running down to buy and install a new water heater.

Thank heavens my Dad is here. He's the VERY best.
It's not that my sister and I couldn't do the installation (it's dead easy) but having a wonderful strong man around is so comforting. Not to mention the fact that he's done this a dozen times.

I need to brag about my Dad. He's notorious in my family for dropping everything and anything that he's doing and coming to the rescue. In fact, once my sister was in Canada and the transmission fell out of her car (seriously, it FELL out). He jumped in the car and drove to Canada to help her. How's that for a fabulous guy?
(No wonder I can't find Mr. Right. Who could possibly hold a candle to my Dad? hehe)

So - bring on the rain! We can handle it!


The Bui's said...

remember, bad things come in three's (hehehe). have fun installing. And please leave your bad luck over there. I've already replaced just about everything in this house.

runningfan said...

Well, you'll have a new appreciation for hot water now! Funny how the bad stuff makes you happy about little things.

Heather said...

eep! Threes??
Can I chose the third?

You're right, I appreciate hot water very much now. Washed my hair out of the cold water tap this morning and my brain shrank three sizes and is still numb.

Calv said...

What a great dad you have Heather.

Happy New Year to you, hope you get the water heater sorted soon.

April Hopkins said...

Heather, so I am an idiot, I thought your blog was somewhere else and was to ashamed to ask again, but being the blond little sister, you'll forgive me right?

Love the pix of the frost, confess, are these SOOC? Still loving my 69degree weather though.

Oh and our axel seperated and half of that fell off, right after we had gotten of the windy 1,000ft drop-off the side of the road, death would be messy and gnarly psss in Canada. But yes, he came right up. I think the exact words were "Head North, right?"


Heather said...

Yup, should have said "sisters". Plural.
And I should have mentioned that this wasn't a little piddly trip from Portland to Vancouver. noooooo...
This was Southern Idaho to Banff.
That's a good 12 hour drive crossing three rockie mountain passes.

Gotta love Dad!
Also love those sisters. They're the best friends ever. =)

Heather said...

*waves at Calv*
Thanks for stopping by!

Good news, we have hot water. :)