Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bits and Bobs

Seems I have forty things going on, so here's a smattering to amuse you.

1) Just found out about "Project 365 - A Photo Everyday for 2009" and want to kick myself! I wish I'd heard of it sooner!
The challenge is to take a picture of something in your life every day, all year.

I really need this to get my creative juices running, so I guess I'll just start now and make it Project 355. (Can I post retroactively?? hmmm...)

2) The water heater is in and purring along nicely. We purchased it on Wednesday and the wonderful guys at George Morlan (insert ad here) delivered it for only $29 and carted away the old one for free. They even did it the same day! Sears, Home Depot and Lowes can't even touch that kind of service.

We did have some fun while switching the heater out. Take a look at what we found when we pulled the old tank out from the wall. Yipes.

I do a visual inspection of all our appliances at least quarterly, but I never had any idea that this damage was back there. The wall had a corresponding mark soaked into it, so my sister cut the dry wall out and replaced it with a waterproof foam panel. She also found and disposed of a mouse who had made himself a nice tomb between the walls. Blecho!
Fortunately it wasn't Calvin the Mouse. *wink*

Dad and Holly installed the new tank and I stood around and passed them tools and garbage bags. Yes, it was an arduous task.

I like to think of myself as a very handy person who can do whatever it takes, but I was pretty much useless on this occasion. No worries, I'm sure there will be others.

3) Cleaning up after the little flood I found a paper bag that seemed to be full of old unused stationery (1950s era) and very much used Christmas and birthday cards. A perfect item for the recycling bin. However I gave it to Mom to go through since it appeared to be Grandma's stuff. (Grandma lived with us here in Portland for a few years before she passed away.)

Mom started looking, and lo and behold it was full of old family photos and letters! Whew - I'm glad I didn't toss it!

There are even pictures of me as a baby.
Here's a Christmas card with me holding my little sister Bonnie and sitting next to my little brother Scott.

What can I say? The rumors are true. I was adorable.

We spent a fun afternoon trying to identify everyone in the pictures (and wishing Grandma had labeled more of them).

Mom also found a letter from one of my great great grandmothers who was living in St. George in the 1850/60/70 time frame. We haven't been able to date the letter (someone cut the stamps off) but here is an excerpt (spelling retained):
"When we heard the word of the conferance that the word of wisdom was given as a commandment we both comenced to observe it and I feel it to be a benefit. I am determined to continue to keep it believing the Lord will not ask of us more than we can do."

That touched my heart.

4) I've been trying my hand at Facebook, and yesterday my Mom created an account for herself. We're tracking down friends and family left and right. Beware - we'll be adding you when we find you!
Heather Marley's Facebook profile

5) Finally, and this one really makes me laugh, the Christmas lights finally came down from outside. Sadness! But it had to happen.

Holly took them down while I was at work and she found the oddest (most odd?) thing.

About two weeks ago one of the strands of lights on the pine tree on the corner suddenly stopped working about half way up. When Holly was unwinding the string from the limbs she noticed that one of the lights was sitting in a fork of the tree. Just sitting there. Not connected.

When she picked it up she saw teeth marks.

Some little squirrel had gnawed off one of the lights and tried to hide it in his stash! She found others, of the same color, that had also been gnawed on.

Well, they do kind of look like little bitty pine cones... so....

Holly says that the first squirrel was busy collecting these shiny tidbits when another squirrel came up, noticed what was happening and flicked the first one on the ear. "You nut! You can't eat those!"

Made me laugh - except that he ruined a perfectly good set of lights.

Oh well, I have electrical tape and I know how to use it!


The Bui's said...

Heather, my day is not complete until I have read your whitty and informational blog. You are a hoot.

I love the squirrel. Heck Maybe he just wanted to jaz up his living space. enough of all that brown and green!

Heather said...

Thank you Nancy. You're so good for my ego. :)
I hate to break it to you, but if I see the squirrel I'm going to yell "LUNCH!" and open the door for my dogs to get out.
(Don't worry, the odds of them catching him are nil, but they need the exercise.)