Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Can you believe that I'm bored? Bored?!?
It's amazing.
It's unthinkable.

Of all the incredible things to do now days, and all the things to be had (electronics, of course hehe) and all the ways to keep in touch with people, being bored must be a crime.
Dagnabit, being bored should be a crime!
(Nothing else is a crime anymore, so why not... Oops. Don't get me started.)

I feel guilty about wandering around the house.
Even if I can't find a novel way to amuse myself, you'd think I could at least clean something!

With that threat hanging over me, I found something to do - retouch old photos.
No kidding. :)

Do you have some pictures that seemed like a good idea, but somehow never quite jelled? I've an entire harddrive full of them.

Here's one that I really liked. This was taken down at Beaver Creek Park, but the sun was too far gone and the photo was too grainy. Sooo.. presto, chango! I used a little Photoshop neon edges action and voila!

I think it turned out rather well, don't you?

How about this one?
It's the wetlands near my office. It was a rainy day and the water was all silver, but somehow I messed up the shot. It had no focal point, no drama.
So, this one got the watercolor treatment and now I think it's quite a nice little impressionist painting.

Finally, a foggy night in the back yard. I redid this photo six ways. It was too much fun to stop! However, here are two of them, for your amusement. (You MUST click on them to see them full size. Otherwise the effect is completely lost.)
Golden Fog - Watercolor

Golden Fog - Ink

I hope you're having an exciting evening, with no boredom in sight!
(If it looms just threaten yourself with cleaning duties and it will slink away.)

PS. Actually, I did these photos last year. But I wanted to post and I really was bored, so I embellished. A little. Kinda. =)


runningfan said...

Glad you decided not to clean...these were fun to look at!

The Hadley Family said...

I rather like your pictures. In fact, to quote Will Smith in "Independence Day" (in reference to your Photo Shop)...I gotta get me one of these!!! Keep the beautiful pictures coming. I'm a die-hard fan. :)

Julie and Pete said...

I love the photos. I also like that you can fix up what you ment to catch! Hopefully I'm getting alittle better than I used to be!