Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hey you "Twilight" movie fans!

To promote the movie in Brazil they've made an online "Twilight" game.
Apparently you play as Bella and roam around Forks High School late at night, trying to discover more about Edward.

Click here to see the site - "Crep├║sculo".

I read about this in a journal entry over at deviantART. Here's more of what sunni-sideup had to say:

"And you get to be creepy! And you get to actually find a Twilight book! Because these aren't even the real characters, they are people who are BIZARRELY similar to the characters in Twilight and Edward has actually read it, and he is amazed at how close Stephenie got to the truth! I KNOW!

Anyway, you have to check it out. Just register and play! Downside: it's all in Portuguese! I can't fully appreciate the story, which makes me sad. But it's still awesome! You get to dig through Edward's locker! And see a letter written by his mother!!!"

Full text here.

Let me know if any of you play the game and/or speak Portuguese.
hehe =)


The Hadley Family said...

Alright!!! I'm taking the bait. So much for my evening. Is Portuguese anything like French? Maybe I can get Garth to play along (lol). Yeah right. That'll be a cold day....

Christy Herbert said...

I haven't played the game but I do speak Portuguese! I'll also try to see what I can do, then i'll email it to you. hoep you are well

Christy Herbert said...

actually, I don't really know what you want translated, let me know. hehehe

Heather said...

Thanks Christy, you're the BEST ever!

I think what we should do is have Joanne and you over for dinner. We can play the game on the big screen and you can translate and tell us what the heck we're doing. :D

Christy Herbert said...

Sounds like a plan! How about this week??