Thursday, January 22, 2009

Inkheart - Brace Yourself

The German children's book "Inkheart" by Cornelia Funke opens in theaters tomorrow in a version starring Brandon Frasier. I mention this as a warning. While I have not seen the movie, I have read the book - this is NOT a children's book. Do NOT take your children to this movie, or allow them to read this book without previewing it yourself, first.

**Big Spoiler Warning - but I think you need it.**

I was excited when I found this book - I'm always hunting for something new to read, and this was a double blessing because I found it just before my sister's birthday. Instant present!

It begins very well, with an interesting premise. The father in the story has the ability to read stories aloud, so beautifully, that they actually come to life. Sounds promising, no?

This is when things take a turn toward the dark.

The man's wife is caught up in one of these living stories and sucked away from the real world, leaving him and his young daughter bereft. The daughter has no idea what became of her mother.

Now, that's rather scary, but what unfolds is down right terrifying. Enter a villain who is truly a villain - something out of an adult murder mystery - and this is no longer a children's book, or a young adult book, or even a book I'm willing to read a second time.

Sadly, I'd already ordered the sequel to the book (part of that present). It sits here on the shelf, unread. I'm not going to risk another of those terrifying scenes. I have nightmares enough, thank you.

Now, perhaps I'm just squeamish, but I don't think so. I'm not your typical Deseret Book reader and this book shocked and horrified me several times.

Hollywood usually louses up books. They ruin them in ways that make my teeth hurt. It's possible that they'll ruin this one also, but in doing so will make it watchable by children (and adults with imaginations). I hope so, but I'm not paying nine dollars to find out.


I'd really love to hear other points of view also.
Turns out that two people, whose opinions I hold in high esteem, seem to think I'm stuffed full of wild blueberry muffins on this one. ;)

Well, one of them loved all the books and another didn't get freaked out until the second. I'm trying to cajole them into posting their comments here. Maybe you'll get a more balanced opinion.


The Bui's said...

Thanks for the warning. I had no intention of going to the movie, but was concidering a future netflix arrival. I'm so glad you are an avid reader.