Monday, August 3, 2009

Giving up control

One has to wonder what Stephanie Meyers is thinking right now.

She created a world filled with fascinating characters and dripping with pathos and angst - and suddenly no one cares any longer. They have forgotten Edward and Bella and rest. All they care for are the antics of "Robert and Kristin".

She should never have turned over control of her world to Hollywood. No one even thinks about what she wrote. They only know what the screen writers churn out and what the self-important actors do, both on and off screen. And then there's the CGI...

Let me back up. I shouldn't say EVERYONE. There are those of us who read the books, refused to see the movie, and still can enjoy the pretty pictures in our heads. *wink*

I learned a similar lesson when I was in Junior High School and it's stayed with me. Key learning: Never confuse an actor with his character.

Sadly, most people fall right into the Celebrity Trap.
I'm certainly not one of them, but only through sheer will power. Let's face it - the power of an Idol is exactly that. Power.

To combat this, I refuse to see a movie if an actor on my Black List is in it.
The list is long and convoluted and does stop me from seeing many new releases.

It starts, ignominiously, with Keanu Reeve. He has to be the WORST actor of all time. Why does ANYONE cast him??? In ANYTHING??
We go from the wooden actor to the great mouther, Kenneth Brannagh. Ugh. I can't stand to watch him. The fact that he deserted his wife for a not so sweet young thing makes him all the more despicable.
Tom Cruise was on the list long before he revealed his mania on Oprah's couch. Or was it Letterman's couch? No, I will not be seeing Valkerie. *pouts* That patented "sniff" of his really annoys me.
Brad Pitt (is there a male word for slut?) is prominent on the list, as is his rotten girlfriend Jolie (there is a word for her).
Sadly, a new entrant to the list is Morgan Freeman. I liked him. I really did. What a scumbag he turned out to be.
I'm going to have a problem next year when "Toy Story 3" comes out. I love those movies, but Tom Hanks is now on the black list... soo...

Just to be perverse, I do allow exceptions.
I do watch Robin Hood and Captain Blood, even though Errol Flynn's personal life churns my stomach.
I still enjoy Casablanca and Intermezzo, even though Ingrid Bergman dove off her pedestal.

There are bright spots. Some longtime members of my list have redeemed themselves.
These people haven't done anything perverse, their type of humor or acting is just offensive to me.
For example, you can't drag me screaming into a "funny" Jim Carrey show. But the "Truman Show" I'm inclined to give him another chance.
Same for Adam Shandler. He disgusts me, but I understand "Bedtime Stories" is fun and won't make your eyes bleed after watching it.

Ah well.. enough of my Monday morning rant.

I just feel very sorry for Stephanie Meyers.
Oh, and more importantly -

Always read the book and SKIP the movie.
The story that played out in your mind is infinitely better than anything Hollyweird can come up with.


The Hadley Family said...

Hmmm. Gotta say I still love both the books and the movie. I allow myself to acknowledge the differences and embrace the best of both. The actors/actresses are definately a "curiosity" to me but I just mentally switch to character mode when they're on the big screen because that's all they are. It's a mind thing, entertainment...nothing more.

The Churches said...

Amen sister! Keanu Reeves. Seriously. That has ALWAYS baffled me! I whole-heartedly agree with all of the others as well, though I gotta say, I still go see the movies... I think Hugh Grant & Jude Law should be on that list too, even though they have hot accents.

April Hopkins said...

Tom Hanks, what a disappointment. But Kenneth Branah (how do you spell it) was really funny in Harry Potter. Great teeth.