Sunday, July 26, 2009

What is in your Emergency Kit?

On Saturday nearly 200 people descended on the air-conditioner-less Stake Center and pitched in to assemble 72 hour emergency kits for the developmentally disabled of Washington County.

I had the enviable task of photographing this event. Enviable because I did NO work whatsoever!! I just walked around, poking my nose in and snapping pictures. Truth is, I feel like I missed out. Everyone was having so much fun making the kits! Don't get me wrong, I had fun also, I just didn't contribute much.

Here are a couple of my favorite shots from the activity:

Isn't he a cutie? Paying such careful attention to his mom... I'm sure he had some suggestions for her, also.

Great hands! Three nice ladies, all busy making first aid kits.

Now, for the big question - What is in YOUR Emergency Kit?
Yes, there's food and bandaids and water and a blanket... but what are your secret "Must Have To Survive" items?

Here are a few of mine.

1) Tweezers
One word - splinter. uh huh. Now you agree with me, don't you? Last thing I need in an emergency is a splinter. Or a hang nail. Must have tweezers. In a pinch I can do with a loop of thread, but I'd much rather have a good sturdy metal tweezer with me.

2) Nail File
Don't look at me like that - you know my hands never get a manicure. But I do have rather brittle nails which tear easily, and a nail file saves me from ripping the nail down to the cuticle. Definitely a need for survival (especially if I need to be chopping wood or putting up a tent!)

3) Book
Something to let my mind escape. If it's a very good book, when I'm done, maybe I could barter off readings for chocolate... hehe...

4) Paper and pencil
Keep a journal, write a HELP ME note, whatever - can't go anywhere without paper and pencil.

5) Small glow in the dark Star Chart

6) Two dog collars, treats and food.
I don't care what disaster takes place, I'm not leaving without my dogs. And if the rescuers get snotty about it, I'll stay rather than go. I guess I'd better add a "king sized down comforter" because my spoiled dogs may refuse to sleep on the ground. heheh!!


The Hadley Family said...

Cash and waterless shampoo. I'm with you on the nail file and book...great ideas!