Friday, August 7, 2009

Lest I be misunderstood

Lest some of you take my last post wrong, I should point out that I love movies.
Boy oh boy, do I love movies!

My problem is that I have extremely high expectations, and we all know how well that turns out (e.g. my marital status). In fact, most modern movies just end up depressing me. I'm much better with good old fashioned movies.

My college roommate used to swear that if we were watching TV and I had the remote, I'd just start flipping channels until I saw something, anything, in black and white, and that's what we'd watch.

That's really not true - but it's pretty darn close!

However, I'd like to point out that there are two movies coming out soon that I'm pretty excited to see. (This doesn't count "Julie and Julia", which I'm going to see next week if it kills me!)

First is "Number 9". This little Tim Burton film is about nine little golems that a scientist creates just before ... ah, but I'll let the trailer show you.

Looks like fun, no?! It comes out on 9.9.09. hehe! I love it.

Next is "TRON Legacy" We have to wait for next year for this one, but I'm geeking out already! (If you haven't seen the original "Tron" movie, don't go any further. Stop. Head to your video store. Watch it on the biggest screen possible. Then come back here an continue.)

Feast your eyes!

I know exactly at what moment you'll say, "Whoooooa!!!!". That's 'cause I said the same thing.
I loved "Tron". It came out when Disney was still making wholesome movies.
That cool, slick black landscape with the amazing lights. And was that a great plot or what??

All I can say is, "Greetings Programs!"
Yup. I'm geeking out.
Somebody hand me a lightcycle.