Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Just One More Day...

Just one more day.
Simply one freaking more day!
Surely I can hold on that long, can't I?

No, no, I'm not talking about jonesing for turkey. I'm talking about keeping my promise to not sing ANY Christmas carols until after Thanksgiving. I know it's a silly little thing, but I have to stick to my guns here.

This year everything started too soon. I expected the retailers to haul out the Christmas merchandise early - but the day after Halloween? Yikes!

Then, two weeks ago, the radio stations began playing Christmas songs.
That was simply too much to bear. I swore I wasn't buying anything Christmas related or singing any Christmas carols, or decorating in any way until the appropriate day, which is, of course, the day after Thanksgiving.

Geesh, Santa has to show up at the end of the Macy's day parade or it's not official. Don't these people know the rules?

Sadly, I blew it, and gave in to buy Christmas rubber stamps and paper early. But that's a necessity given the number of cards I'll have to make for my family!

As far as decorations and singing goes, I have, however, held true.


Except I keep catching myself humming "Winter Wonderland".
Or leading the choir in a rendition of "Far Far Away on Judea's Plains" as I drive home from work.
Or raking leaves in time to "Let it Snow".

I've tried.
Really hard.
I just need to hold on for a few more hours!

Then I can let myself sing "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" at the top of my lungs while putting up the lights on Friday. :)