Monday, November 3, 2008


What is it about Fast Sunday that makes me want to cook?
Yeah, I know - it's probably the whole hunger thing. But honestly, I don't want to eat, I want to COOK.

Yesterday my sister got Creme Brulee out of the deal. Yup, I tried the crock pot version.

I'd found some ramekins sitting in the sideboard and since I couldn't find any other baking dish that would fit in my 4 quart slow cooker I used these guys.
They fit. Kinda.

I put one on the bottom, shoved to one side, and the other sort of scrunched in on the other side. (Can you scrunch ceramic?) I ended up with one ramekin about a inch higher than the other, but they both fit and I could put water in the crockpot with no problem.

When I whipped up the custard I realized that my little ramekins weren't quite big enough to hold a full batch, so I did a three quarters version. A bit too much egg and a bit too little sugar went in. I love it when cooking is an adventure! =)

Two and a half hours later the custards looked done!
Then I found out the problem behind my plan. I now had two very hot ceramic ramekins, submerged half way up their sides in near boiling water - and the weight of the custard had forced the top ramekin down, effectively wedging these little darlings in place.


Archimedes and two long handled spoons later - voila!
Two nice custards and no steam burns. I love it when a plan comes together.

The dessert was very yummy, even if the custard was a bit soft. Holly likes it that way, I like mine more firm, but this time she won.

Only problem is, my broiler didn't do a very good job of carmalizing the sugar topping. I'll have to put "Butane Kitchen Torch" on my "Gimee Gimmee" Christmas list. hehe

If you'd like to try your hand at this wonderful recipe, go here: