Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Blissful Ignorance

It's now 12:45 pm on the day after Election Day, and I am still blissfully ignorant of the outcome of ANYTHING.

Last night my sister and I turned off our computers and sat down to watch a BBC drama (rather heartrending I might add). Then I headed for bed and read "Breaking Dawn" for a few hours.

I've avoided papers, radios, televison, gossiping coworkers and sky writers. (Heh, it's raining, I'm at least safe from sky writers.)

How long can I avoid the inevitable? I don't know.
Somehow I feel like crouching down and hiding for a week.
If only I could sign up for a two week sleep study!

Am I mad? Yes, indeed.
Will any specific outcome make me happy enough to rejoin the human race?
Nope. Not a one.
Have I ever felt this (irrational) way before.
No. I'm either getting older or I've finally had it with the stupidity.
Maybe both.

You'll know when I finally hear the answer. I'm sure there will be a shriek of some kind.

Update: It's not 6 pm and I'm home from work. I've enjoyed my day as an ostrich with my head stuck in the sand, even though I had to go to some lengths to maintain my innocence. (There are some rather loud people in the bullpen across the hallway and whenever they'd show up I'd put my headphones on and play something loud - preferably Beethoven.)
But all good avoidances must come to an end, and I'm poised to rip the bandage off! Here I go!


Rhamnites said...

I hate those blindfold-off days. Sigh.