Thursday, October 14, 2010

Amazing Rescue!

I have to admit that three months ago, when the news broke about Chilean miners being found alive but half a mile down, the first thing I thought was "They're dead".  I had no hope for the poor men and was sure the media vultures would have a heyday as they reported the miners dying one by one, far from their loved ones.

Fast forward to tonight when I sat with tears in my eyes and watched the amazing rescue unfold. I've never been so glad to be proven wrong!

One thing does bother me. From the few statements of the miners and their families you get a glimpse into how much their faith in God helped to pull them through this ordeal.  Sadly but predictably, the US media is doing all they can to filter out these "religious" aspects of the story.  No wonder the world sees America as a godless country.  That brings tears to my eyes also.

But forget the media and let's say thank you to the men and women who worked so tirelessly to bring the miners home and to the Lord for his hand in the rescue.  Gracias Senor!