Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Month of Hideous Fun

Here it comes - our favorite month of the year. Except for December, of course. And July. Can't live without July. And maybe April. But where was I?
OH YES!  Halloween Month.  Might as well call it Halloween Month, since we'll start decorating tomorrow and won't stop until the ghouls come out on the 31st.

But more on this subject in the coming days.  Today I wanted to mention two things:

1) L. Tom Perry Tie Alert!!
We love watching each conference to see which tie L. Tom Perry will be wearing.  He's always on the cutting edge of sartorial fashion as far as I'm concerned.  I'll never forget the pale pink tie he wore one Easter.  Stunning!

I only caught a glimpse of Saturday's tie as they showed the apostles walking out - seemed to be baby blue.
But today's tie was a real winner.  Pale gold with dark squares. Very Distinguished!

2) The demise of BOB
I was so sad to come back to my blog list after a summer away and find that Kim P. had closed the Binge On Books blog. I always enjoyed that blog - both the content and the writing.  I even contributed to it once of twice myself, although sadly not enough to help her keep it alive.  I'm glad she's still writing her Ex Libris Lady blog. You've got me as a life long reader, Kim!

Now, back to scrounging the fridge in the hopes of a nourishing Post Conference Nosh.