Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Two weeks ago I was introduced to a fun new bit of social-ness on the web.  It's called Pinterest and it's all about your favorite images.

If you're anything like me you have a huge file of pictures that you've found on the web and you want to keep.  And if you're really like me you'll have forgotten where you found most of those pictures.  

Pinterest lets you link (or "pin") the picture (and the website) that you've found and post the picture in one of your boards.  They even have a little gadget you can stick on your Favorites/Links bar, to help you snap up any pictures you find.

Friends and the public and then browse your boards and re-pin the picture to their own boards. You can also follow other boards (or people) that you enjoy and even leave comments.

I had to apply to the site and then wait several days for an invitation, but I doubt they will turn anyone away.

Go take a look!

You're welcome to browse my boards if you'd like.
I'd love you to leave a comment. :)