Sunday, July 5, 2009

Practice makes perfect

Or, in my case, practice pays off big time, but if the bug holds still it sure helps!

Click the image for full sized - it's much better.

Speaking of which, I need some more practice.
Would anyone like to be my guinea pig?
I'll do my very best to capture your fabulous-ness. :)


The Hadley Family said...

Okay. That's amazing!!! I LOVE the picture. No guinea pig here, not unless you can make me look real thin. lol.

yvonne enger said...

Wow! great photo. Professional for sure.

Gary's Clan said...

If you need a challenge I got three of them. They are a handful but are used to the process so they think it is fun to make it as ... lets say... "unique" as possible. Anytime just give me a call. Pictures great by the way I should show you one I have like it with a lotus and bumblebee. Your great!

Rhamnites said...

that's amazing!