Sunday, June 21, 2009


Castle is back on television!

If you haven't already become a fan of this murder mystery television show, you should check it out. Season one is being re-run on Saturdays on ABC. Get your TiVo set up. :)

You've already missed Episode One, but it's available for the next few weeks on the ABC website and Hulu (which links back to ABC).

This is an adult show, not for the kids. I find some of the crime scenes disturbing, but they go away quickly and the rest is great stuff. I really love the daddy/daughter scenes, and who can pass up a chance to watch Nathan Fillion (aka Malcom Reynolds, aka Captain TightPants).

Don't tell my mother I wrote that last part.


jamie t. said...

I saw this show once and really liked it! I'll have to keep my eye peeled for its next season

The Hadley Family said...

Captain Tight Pants?! You crack me up Heather. :)