Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lost Opportunity

Last year I suddenly realized how beautiful spring flowers are.
Yes, I know - what took me so long?

To make up for lost time I grabbed my camera and started recording spring!

I took this picture down the street from my home. I liked the tree so well that I told myself I'd try to record the same little branch this year and see how things had changed. Sadly, though we have had blossoms for a good week now, I haven't had time to get out. Either I got home from work too late or it was raining.

Well, today it turned sunny! I grabbed by camera and headed down the street. When I got to my tree - it was gone, cut down, either last night or this morning. Tattered blossoms still littered the ground.

I wish I had braved the rain yesterday.


The Hutchings said...

Beautiful! I love the pictures you post!