Tuesday, April 14, 2009

ISO Woes

What the heck is wrong with my brain!?!

When the sun finally let me go outside last week, I ran around the neighborhood, poking my nose into yards. (Don't worry, no yard invasions took place. That's what telelphoto lenses are for!) I took a good 80 shots of the blossom laden trees in the neighborhood. It was great fun!

I was glad I'd gotten out because the warm weather, the rain and time took the majority of blossoms off the trees in the next few days.

Early the next week, because my father was visiting, we decided to have some fun and headed down to Silver Falls State Park to see the spring run on the waterfalls. What a gorgeous day it was; a high marine layer of clouds moved in around noon, but the air was warm. The mist from the falls felt so good. And yes, there I was, playing photographer, trying to capture the amazing beauty of the falls. Capture it with about 230 shots, that is. Thank heavens for large CF cards!

Imagine my annoyance when, about half way through our hike, I realized that I'd had the ISO on my camera cranked up to 1600 for some completely irrational reason! It had been set that way for the blossoms shots also!


I'm just lucky that my camera deals well with weird settings because the Operator Errors are enough to drive the poor machine mad, let alone the Operator.

Ah well. Live and learn, I suppose.
I hope you enjoy my noisy pictures!
(You can click on them for a larger view.)


The Hadley Family said...

I have no idea what the ISO is but something sure worked good on your camera...WOW. Those are beautiful!

The Bui's said...

You're talking jibberish to me. I think the pics look amazing. you will have to take them again sometime at the right setting so i can make a comparison.

Julie and Pete said...

The pictures are gorgeous!!!!