Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Watch out Saint Patrick... she's on the warpath again

It's time, once again, for the annual Saint Patrick's Day Rant at our home. The script goes something like this:

Me: "Why can't they learn - four leaf clovers are NOT shamrocks!"

My sister: "Oh no. Here we go again..."

Me, stumping around the room: "It's not difficult - three leaves, three members of the godhead. I mean, besides snakes, what else is Saint Patrick famous for, I ask you?!"

My sister: "That's in Ireland. You know that. In America this day isn't about Saint Patrick it's about being Irish."

Me: "You mean it's about beer! Beer and leprechauns. What the heck do leprechauns have to do with it, I don't know!"

My sister: *sigh*

Me: "What??"

Don't worry. I'm always better after I have some scones.

A quarter of our family are good Irishmen, mostly from County Down. About five generations back we were part of the Guinness clan, of Guinness Stout fame.

Yes, that side of the family kept the beer and the money and our side got a nice new religion instead. And a one way ticket to America. (I know we got the better part of the deal, but some of that money sure would have come in handy...)

We keep a shillelagh and a bodhran in the house, we can tell a banshee from a pooka, and we watch "The Quiet Man" annually, with religious fervor. So, raise your McDonald's mint Shamrock shake, put on your green bowler hat and let's all remember our Irish grandparents!

And someone, somewhere, please tell your children WHY Saint Patrick is famous.
I'll sleep better if you do.


The Bui's said...

If you tell me why he's famous, I'll tell my kids. I'm one of those uneducated brats you see.