Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Things to Make Me Smile

A list of things that make me happy this week:

1) The new Tasha Alexander book is here!
"Tears of Pearl" hit the shelves September 1st... and I want it!
If you haven't read any of the Lady Emily Ashton books, do NOT start with this one. Go back to page one. Read "And Only To Deceive" and the two books which follow it. The rest of us will be waiting here for you.

2) Found two hilarious web sites.
The names tell the story - and
Two examples of the fun:

Be sure someone else is in the house, to slap you on the back when you laugh so hard you choke.

3) It's finally Autumn!
Fall has arrived and I'm beside myself.
Apples and pumpkins and crisp air and reading in the hammock and bright stars at night.
What more could a girl ask?

4) ummm.. a geek toy....

No, not that delicious new Canon 7D with full HD video and onboard remote flash control. Saving up for that one.
No, not the hybrid Piaggio three wheeled scooter. Saving up for that one too.
No, not the new iPhone.

OK, it is the new iPhone. But without the phone, the camera and the ridiculously expensive AT&T data plan. :)
That's right, I bought an iPod Touch!
Joanne shamed me into it.

It's soooo sweet. I never thought I'd own an iPod. I am not one to listen to music every moment of the day. Too many years spent in the Law School library made me love my silence. So why buy a crazily expensive MP3 player?
Because you can ignore the music part and do everything else in the world!
I haven't touched either of my netbooks since I got the iPod. Everything I want on the internet is at my fingertips. Even Google Earth!
Dang. I love this toy.

Everybody tell me what your favorite apps are! I have too many choices!
How many exclamation points did I just use? eep!

I hope you too have a long list of things to make you smile this week!
Dang. There's another pesky exclamation point.


The Hadley Family said...

#'s 2,3,and 4 make me happy too. FYI- I didn't SHAME you into were apparently just waiting for an excuse to treat yourself to a new toy. ;) Glad you're having so much fun with it. Since I last told you I didn't want to "junk mine up" with too much stuff. I have been loading apps like crazy. Try NexTag, Grocery IQ, and Shazam to name a few. I would love to know what good ones you recommend too.