Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Spell Check

My sister has the habit of calling over her shoulder while in the middle of a deep and important online discussion in-game (video game that is), and asking me how to spell words.

Usually this happens just when I'm in the middle of something that has my full attention, and when she asks, my brain routinely turns to guacamole. However, being the total-sweetheart-kind-soul that I am (STOP SNICKERING) I'll pull up OneNote or something and do a quick spell check for her.

(I actually used to be a very good speller, before spell check came along. Now I'm lazy, lazy.)

Tonight's episode was just about the final straw for me.

My sister is busy talking to a crowd of elves, sorcerers and pseudo demons.
I am concentrating on tweaking an image in Photoshop, my tongue caught between my teeth.

Sister: "How do you spell periphery?"

Silence, then the sound of my head hitting the keyboard.

Me, mumbled from the region of the keyboard: "S-I-D-E."

Yup. Just a regular night at the Creaky Cog home.