Monday, September 8, 2008

What's in a Name?

I've been asked about the name of this blog - why "Creaky Cogs"?

Last year I stumbled over a rather odd but fascinating movement (movement? fan circle? don't know the word for this), called "Steampunk".

Yes, Steampunk is a stupid name. I'm not fond of it myself. However, it's just too dang fun to pass up because of the name. Steampunk is what would happen if the Information Age had take place during the Industrial Revolution.

Think Jules Verne!
Think Victorian clothing and brass goggles!
Think zepplins, rich leather, polished brass and robots run by steam engines.
Fun, no?

There are a growing number of fictional works based on Steampunk themes. Most are young adult books, but well worth a good afternooon reading in a hammock.
I suggest starting with "Larklight" by Philip Reeve.

Here are some links to great costumes and devices (including wonderful weaponry, of course!)

DonnaRicci's gorgeous Neo-Victorian SteamPunk ensemble

DataMancer's Oh So Cool Steampunk laptop

Weta Corporations's Aether Guns

Guess what I'll be dressing up like for Halloween?
Maybe Christmas, also - caroling in Victorian costumes with steam powered muffs to keep our hands warm??

Back to topic: So, Creaky Cogs refers to the fun interaction between the electronic world I'm immersed in daily and the imaginary world I'd love to escape to.
It can also be taken as a comment on my brain action... especially on cold mornings.