Friday, September 26, 2008

The Origins of Hobbies

I didn't mean to become a crafty,card making, rubberstamp-happy embosser! Truly I didn't.
It all started like this...

About a year ago I was despairing because of my lack of talents.
Now, don't get me wrong - I've been blessed the same as everyone else - everyone has some little talent. But my talents aren't the ones that are generally lauded. In short, I don't play an instrument and I don't sing.

To be honest, I do play with a number of musical instruments, but I'm too busy - make that too lazy - to practice, so no glory there. Furthermore there are nations (and probably planetary systems) which have strict laws against me ever attempting to sing within their boundaries.
Therefore, as far as anyone is concerned, I am talentless.

Just as I was planning on a good ice cream nosh to drown my talentless despair, a friend at work asked me if I'd like to buy his camera. A really nice camera. A REALLY nice camera.

If you're lucky you too have a friend like this - he always owns the latest and greatest of everything. And once he buys the latest, if you're in the right place at the right time, you may get a killer deal on a fabulous toy as he sells you his old one. And so I became the owner of a well cared for Canon EOS 10D. Lovely camera - I can't tell you how much fun it is!

Starting that weekend I became a photoholic. I was out and about the neighborhood, taking pictures of everything. Pretty soon it became apparent that I needed a really good lens. My friend had given me a so-so Sigma as part of the package, and he'd warned me that it wasn't a very good lens. He was right. Thusmy quest to sink several paychecks into Canon "L" series glass began. *sigh*

Suddenly I had not only a lighter wallet and a camera bag full of wonderfully expensive hardware, but I also began to have some really rather nice pictures. I was so proud!!

Now - what do you do when you find you have a bit of a budding talent? Hiding it under a bushel is forbidden, no? So I tried to think of ways to show off my fabulous pictures without making it look like I was showing off.

TaDa! The perfect idea hit me - make personalized cards!
In truth, I'm not a very good correspondent. Email is my best friend, it's the only way my poor mother ever hears from me. But I have been known to give out Thank You notes and Birthday cards… so I trotted down to the craft store and bought some cream colored cards and envelopes and a glue stick.

My first attempts looked pretty good, but I was hoping for something with a bit more panache. What I'd really wanted was a card with an embossed edge, to set off my lovely pictures, and since I couldn’t find any to buy I thought I'd make my own.

Years ago (way back in high school) I'd dabbled in calligraphy and had done a bit of embossing at the same time, using those nicely made brass stencils, but for the life of me I couldn't find a brass stencil in any store! Finally I found some on eBay.
However … the same people who were selling the stencil also were selling a nice selection of stamping inks for a really good price, and there's be no shipping charge since I was already paying for the stencil…

Yes, you see the pattern - now I have inks, but no stamps. Well, the craft store had some of those new clear gel stamps for very cheap, so I grabbed a pack. Yep. You see it coming.

Suffice it to say that I now own rubber and clear stamps, embossing powder, a heat gun, glue dots, foam standoffs, envelope patterns and fancy paper in every imaginable shape and form. But I can't claim this as a talent!

There are so many ladies in my church who are amazing scrapbookers/cardmakers, and I can tell you that I certainly don't play in the same league. So I'd decided to just have some fun and making a few cards.

The sad thing is -
I haven't touched my camera in a month.


BOB said...

hello heather!! so good to be able to check up on you via blog.
miss the ward, and all my old friends!
you can find me at

hope all is well!!
kim petersen

Christy Herbert said...

I love it! Heather, you are so talented in so many ways, don't even say that you are not. But I am happy to see that you have entered and are enjoying the world of card making. hehe. You write so well, I will enjoy reading your blog.

The Bui's said...

Heather, fantastic! What an awsome idea. I guess all those times I have seen you at Joanne's has really paid off.