Saturday, December 12, 2015

Start breaking those resolutions NOW

No, seriously.

I feel we do ourselves a great disservice by making New Years Resolutions.
Just when we're stuffed to the gills with food and drink, satiated with presents and songs, then January comes.

Yes, from January to April there is a huge hole in the calendar. (Unless you get sucked into Valentines Day, which I do not.)

How can your best intentions survive when you are faced with NOTHING.

Best to make your resolutions before Christmas.  I Will Eat Healthy.
Then break them to bits. - Attend every Christmas Party and Cookie Exchange on the calendar.
Now that you've gotten the worst bit - failure - over with, now you can start again in January, all relaxed. You've already blown it, so you can take this round easier.  Make better choices. Enjoy your successes without guilt.

I'm making my resolutions now.

1) Write every day.
2) Eat simply
3) Walk, even if it's raining
4) Smile at everyone

I'm hoping that I'll get at least one of the four right and keep it right.

Happy Resolving!