Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Woohoo! Sabbatical!

When I left the office today I started my Sabbatical!

Two whole months of doing ... well, anything I darn well please.

I'm going to start by sleeping in tomorrow. Yumm... sleeeeeep!
But not too late. Don't want to waste the day. 

We'll head out somewhere for a nice late morning breakfast (pancakes? waffles?), then down to Lake Oswego for some leisurely Deseret Book shopping and a walk around the Temple before heading home.

What to do in the evening? My NEST thermostat arrived today, so I guess we'll turn off the electricity and wire her up!

After that I suppose I should knuckle down and get started packing for my big trip.

Ah, the joys of free time.


Christy Wheeler said...

FUN!! Enjoy your time off!