Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Family Home Evening Idea for Passover

Or should that be "A Passover Idea for Family Home Evening"?
Probably the later, but I was afraid that people would be scared off by the early use of the word Passover, and I'd NEVER get your attention.

Either way, here's a wonderful video on how to make a delicious and easy unleavened bread. It's a great way to have fun with the kids and teach them about a holiday that held special meaning for the Saviour and thus for all of us.

Mark Bittman's Olive Oil Matzo (Sardinian style)

I have to admit to a love for matzo. So good in so many ways - the best of which is Matzo Ball soup. But I also like to eat it plain, with a thin, thin coat of good mayonnaise and a bit of kosher salt. (Must be kosher salt - not for the kosher, but for the granularity). So crunchy, so satisfying.

Oops. I should say Nosh!

And Good Passover to you. :)