Wednesday, December 30, 2009

DIY Mormon Ads

I follow the blog of a feisty, rather opinionated and completely fun girl (oops - woman) who lives in the wilds of Utah.  She has some really amusing posts and I always look forward to what she offers next.

This time she really surprised me.  She and a friend have gotten together to start a Pro-Mormon blog without the long drawn out "text heavy" discussions (as she puts it).  Instead they intend to show the gospel and mormon life in art form.  They are starting at the new year, and soliciting 4 by 6 pictures depicting the hope that the gospel gives to you.

Take a look at her post with the announcement

and then drop by the new blog "Hopefully Mormom" for some examples of what they hope to do.

I love the idea of making our own little Mormon Ads!  I've already finished my first (I think it's wonderful, of course) and am submitting it tonight.  Won't you come join me?  It sounds like a lot of fun - and could be great for kids too!