Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Not a Ghost of a Chance

I think I've lost the spirit of Halloween.

OK, OK, I know. Halloween shouldn't be at the top of my list of celebrations for the year. But honestly, when you combine a carte blanche to wear outrageous costumes, stay up late, watch campy black and white movies and eat candy, what could be more fun than that?

Truth be told, I do three of those four things on a regular basis, so Halloween isn't that much different than a normal day.... but it's the spirit of the thing, right?

Apparently, not right. Wrong, even. :(

When October 1st rolled around, my sister and I planned to break out the decorations and make a month of it! But then we decided to put off the decorating until after General Conference. Just to be respectful. (Yeah, right.) Then we put it off until after the gutters were cleared. Then until the rain subsided. And then... then it was October 21st, just 10 days from H-Day, and still no decorations in sight.

I'm bummed.
All I have is one lonely pumpkin.

Must do something about the lack of spiritedness.